AP-6 OBD GPS Smart HUD Car Head Up Display Alarm Ambient Light with Navigation Car Accessories Water Temperature Alarm

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AP-6 Universal Car HUD OBD + GPS Dual System Smart Head Up Display with Navigation Speedometer Alarm Ambient Light Overspeed Warning System
1. OBD+GPS dual system
2. Rotatable bracket, 2 installation methods(center console or windshield).
3. At present, the first HUD with alarm ambient light (the ambient light is normally blue, and flashes red when the alarm occurs).
4. The first HUD who has clock function in the lower right corner of the screen.
5. There are three units of turbine pressure: PSI, 100KPA, and bar. The turbine value can be adjusted and calibrated to increase the fuel consumption unit KM/L.
6. Up to 10 Hz refresh rate, no stuttering delay phenomenon.
7. GPS function can be displayed when in OBD mode.
8. When the speed is switched to MPH, the water temperature will automatically switch to Fahrenheit, the single driving distance will automatically switch to Miles, and the fuel consumption will automatically switch to Gallon MPG.
9. 9 display screens can be selected.Feature:
1. Upgraded screen resolution, satellite time is added in the lower right corner, real-time display.
2. Adjustable base, free adjustment.
3. Two installation methods, can be installed on center console or front windshield glass.
4. OBD+GPS dual system, GPS function can be displayed in OBD mode.
5. With LED light (it is blue under normal display conditions, and it displays red flashing under the numerical alarm state).

OBD2 mode: speed, RPM, water temperature, voltage, fuel consumption, clock, single travel distance, single travel time, oil temperature, turbine pressure, acceleration test, brake test, overspeed alarm, engine failure alarm, fault code elimination, water temperature alarm, speed alarm, voltage alarm, mile/km switch, fatigue driving reminder, automatic and manual brightness adjustment, can display more than 100 data streams
GPS mode: speed, altitude, number of satellites, clock, single driving distance, single driving time, compass

Model: AP-6
Applicable vehicle models: all models
Product size: 109x86x75mm/4.29×3.39×2.95″
Net weight: 150g
Package size: 110*110*70mm/4.33*4.33*2.76″
Gross weight: 270g

1. There may be slight size deviations due to manual measurement, different measuring methods and tools.
2. The picture may not reflect the actual color of the item because of different photographing light, angle and display monitor.

1 X OBD2 Cable
1 X Sticker
1 X English Manual




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AP-6 OBD GPS Smart HUD Car Head Up Display

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AP-6 OBD GPS Smart HUD Car Head Up Display

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AP-6 OBD GPS Smart HUD Car Head Up Display


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